1010 Park Avenue

New York City
1010 Park Avenue

Park Avenue

The address that dreams are made of.

I recall a decade ago, buying a book called "Apartments of Park Avenue" as a reference suggested by a client in Asia.

I couldn’t decipher what made this address so special, so sought after, and so desirable.

With this opportunity, this address, this developer came a match made of design dreams.

I walked Park Avenue, 20 or 30 blocks, trying to understand what makes it so unique, asking myself, "Could I even begin to create something new?"

Something distinctive exists in this part of NYC. The architecture has a real sense of style, it is cool and yet beautifully crafted.

There was one element that connected everything that I loved: bronze. Door handles, cladding, window frames, typography, all bronze. From this moment the vision started to become clear.

A bronze clad entry hall, noble materials with residential proportions. Each space formed from a rhythm-like vocabulary of panels, each room treated differently depending on the use of the space.

The public spaces at 1010 Park Avenue are an extension of your home, they have personality, colour, layering and a strong point of view.

Here the ultimate palette of luxurious materials easily drifts into everyday living, creating a very personal living experience.

I think at the end of this process I now understand more about Park Avenue. Its subtlety, its grandeur, but most of all, its quality. With Extell, we have been able to match that quality at 1010 Park Avenue, something not so easily achieved today.

Simon Rawlings is the Creative Director of David Collins Studio.

Ben Carpenter is a food, drink and interiors photographer living in London.

1010 Park Avenue is the address that dreams are made of.

1010 Park Ave X Ben Carpenter

A space designed by David Collins Studio has distinct elegance, a sense of playfulness and a feeling of comfort that welcomes you; the stunning 1010 Park Avenue is no exception. The iconic locale is reflected in all aspects of the design; you know you’re situated in a sought-after address on the Upper East Side. The interior design takes you on a journey from 1920s glamour to New York now, with stunning contemporary touches punctuating the classic Art Deco aesthetic.

David Collins Studio captures the minute details on a grand scale, and working with them to photograph such an iconic building fully encapsulated that modus operandi. Interiors with such a high level of craftsmanship, distinct character and attention to detail are a joy to photograph. Having first worked with David Collins Studio to photograph the refurbished George’s Bar at the equally impressive Gilbert Scott in London, seeing how the designers interpreted a different style in a different city has been fascinating. From the beautifully designed bronze wall panels and illuminated glass ceiling in the lobby to the grand drawing room with custom billiards table and marble fireplaces, each space from the show-stopping wide shots to the intimate details has been a pleasure to photograph.

New York is a city that I am very familiar with, so when asked by David Collins Studio to create a unique piece of work, I wanted to create something incorporating my images but also reflecting the city itself, its history and the layering of that within the timeless 1010 Park Avenue project. With so much history and a defined sense style, New York is arguably the most recognisable city in the world. Monumental landmarks and iconic addresses such as Times Square, the Empire State Building, Central Park and, of course, Park Avenue exist just as much in Hollywood as they do in Manhattan, making even those who have never visited NYC feel like they know it intimately. The New York I know, and love, is big and busy yet the quaint, vintage postcards remind us of the welcoming charm that softens the city that never sleeps. 1010 Park Avenue is quintessential New York; timeless, dynamic and its style speaks for itself.

Ben Carpenter is a food, drink and interiors photographer living in London.