The Wolseley

The Wolseley

The Wolseley, a London Institution - 20 years on

It remains as popular and as fondly thought of as ever. A genuine and critical entry into London’s address book. In 2003 when Corbin & King presented their grand gesture of European hospitality an awestruck public talked of the scale and the monumental appoint of ornate masonry.

Now older and aged with a dignified elegance, The Wolseley stands as a powerful testimony to the prudence of investment in quality. The restaurant has become a byword for dramatic and impeccable hospitality, for timeless comfort food and for the charm of ceremony and occasion.

Equally, it has become a benchmark for the long-term returns on intelligent investment. The Wolseley, although it would never itself boast, is a defining example of the true meaning of value, never to be confused with cheap or low cost. Value is the complex convergence of fiscal cost, integrity, quality of product and service, and confident, astute long range commercial worth.

The weightiest accolade to offer The Wolseley is that it is genuinely difficult to now imagine a London without it. Fortunately, it would seem unlikely to be a real dilemma for the foreseeable future.

In an era of concepts and trends which last as long as the filament bulb which illuminates it, there is a solid pleasure in the permanent allure of an establishment which simply performs a tradition to the highest possible standard to a devoted and extremely diverse coterie.

London is a dangerously paced game of challenges and change.

Thankfully, there is always The Wolseley.