The Penthouse at Burlington Gate

The Penthouse at Burlington Gate

Hear Contemporary Mayfair

A formidable address, one that is a very short step from Savile Row and at a glance off Cork Street. A selection of music was curated to soundtrack the apartment: we loved the cinematic notion that being in the apartment resonated with drama and intrigue, pulling the selection of music towards soundtrack, film score and instrumental pieces.

An apartment unlike any other - a beautiful secret - the building is a definition of intelligent technology and future architecture. On the seventh floor the noise of the street retreats and softens - the view is across the rooftops of some of the world’s eminent sartorial houses. Here everything feels languid in gorgeous contrast to the exacting geometry of the building.

The Golden Fang

From the soundtrack to Paul Anderson's Inherent Vice comes a soft amber glow from a contemporary master of film score.

The apartment is an intriguing series of environments each with a subtle composition of mood and energy - it is an aesthetic which belongs to no specific era or influence. The only constant is a delicate balance between the stately, the precise and the pristine, played against a softer, organic and nonchalant ease.

Plum Blossom

A gorgeous exotic hybrid of modal jazz and Eastern exotica, less a record and more a deep pool of swooning romance.

The perfect home is an emotional response to every sentiment; the ability to provoke emotion using exquisite and precious materials without erring into the region of ostentation is instinctive to David Collins Studio.

Darker Than Blue

The beautiful sound of slow shadows moving across walls, a warm and seductive drift, abstract and removed from any rhythm.

The contemporary home is a complex notion: intimacy, welcome and comfort coupled with the technology that we rely on. Although there is no apparent, obvious reason it feels unmistakably, singularly of its own time.


Pastoral serenity in fragile minor chords, buttersweet and singularly elegant.

Graham Erickson is a freelance editor and writer living in London.

Kensington Leverne is a fashion and interiors photographer living in London.