The Artful Eater: Harrods Dining Hall

The Artful Eater: Harrods Dining Hall

The Artful Eater: Harrods Dining Hall

Take a seat at the table. Observe the distance between the forks. Notice that the waiter doesn’t spill a drop. From the nuanced positioning of the place setting to the grandeur of restaurant design, The Artful Eater knows that a good meal is a production but a great meal is pure theatre.

The design of The Dining Hall is considered but sensitive, and we hope that through our approach we have been able to illuminate for the viewer the many textures, fabrics and finishes the newly designed hall has to offer.

It was a real pleasure to collaborate with David Collins Studio on the photography for the newly refurbished Harrods Dining Hall, who throughout their approach have carefully preserved the tradition and history of a very unique space.

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