NIO EP9 x David Collins Studio

NIO EP9 x David Collins Studio

Electric Blue

Taking inspiration from David Collins Studio's signature spectrum of blues, and inspiration from theimagined sensation of freedom one would experience from driving the world's fastest electronic supercar, The Studio started to develop a concept with a pallette of eau de nile and peleagic blues, which seemed fitting for a the innovative EP9. Developed by NIO and brought to London for the Design Centre's Asia Week 2018, David Collins Studio were invited to create a new materials concept for the car to celebrate the its design.

The car, of course, functions perfectly, so returning to The Studio's own design processes and focussing on layering tonal colours, textures and considering the user experience in terms of the the sensorial experience of materiality, The Studio has cocooned the driver in a series of luxurious materials that may be more usually associated with a luxrious private home, rather than considered for use in car design, bringing focus to the experience brought about by the interior.

The final concept is an exercise in softness, utilising fabrics and specialist decorative finishes sourced from British brands including Tibor, Samuel & Son, Whistler Leather, and David Collins Studio's own fabric collection by Baker Furniture.

The concept's exterior has been wrapped in a teal satin and timmed with dark grey shagreen and cream boucle panels, to tone with the interior scheme.

One assumes that supercars are designed for a male end-user, and the hardness of their design reflects this, so the use here of the tonal pallete and signature David Collins Studio materials has been made consciously to allow the car a less masculine guise.

The NIO EP9 is an electric-powered sports car manufactured by NIO, assisted by their Formula E racing division. It is the world's fasted electric car.