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Harrods Men's International Collections

Harrods Men's International Collections

Designed by David Collins Studio, this room continues the boldness of Harrods Men's Superbrands and the intricate detail of the International Designer Room. The design creates a sleek, contemporary space that perfectly combines a refined, monochromatic scheme featuring key stainless steel and Negro Marquina black marble elements, with textured detail and layers of blue emerging through leather cladding, coloured timber and stone.

Monolithic, geometric and modern qualities come through in the inlaid stone floor, bringing a sense of continuity with the Harrods Men’s Superbrands space and its combination of Carrara and Bardiglio marble.

The department is 1,800 square metres in size and includes two dedicated installation areas, each at 70 square metres, to showcase pop-ups and trunk shows within the space.

Adrien Dirand is an interiors photographer living in Paris.