FLOWERBX x The Blue Bar

FLOWERBX x The Blue Bar

Out of Memory series No.4: The Blue Bar

Whitney Bromberg Hawkings creates a floral still life interpretation of The Blue Bar by David Collins Studio.

It is such an honour to collaborate with David Collins Studio on a floral interpretation of one of the most iconic London interiors - David Collins’ Blue Bar.

This project is one that is particularly close to my heart, as David was a dear friend of mine and I often think what fun we would have had working together with FLOWERBX in all of his magical interiors.

My starting point for the still life was the circular convex mirror positioned centrally above the bar itself. For me, this was the focal point of the room.

The bar’s original Lutyens' panelling, which David lacquered in blue gesso, features heavily detailed, hand-carved floral motifs.

Taking these two elements, FLOWERBX created an abundant hemisphere of our Sky Blue hydrangeas that is reflected in the mirrored surface to form a dense, blue perfect sphere that captures the beauty and bold design of The Blue Bar.

The composition has added meaning for me as blue hydrangeas were one of David’s favourite flowers.

We have loved working with David Collins Studio and bringing David’s inimitable vision to life with flowers.

Whitney Bromberg Hawkings is the Co-Founder and CEO of FLOWERBX, the online flower delivery service.

Kensington Leverne is a fashion and interiors photographer living in London.