DCSynthesis74 by Bibliothèque Design for David Collins Studio

DCSynthesis74 by Bibliothèque Design for David Collins Studio


From the outset it was clear when working on the David Collins Studio identity, that there was a desire to give the studio a distinctive voice. One that expressed the aesthetic contrasts found within their work. Words such as contrast and balance, contemporary and classic, whimsical and serious came up on several occassions – so the themes of opposition and juxtaposition became the starting point for our creative interrogation.

Our approach was to provide a logotype that would embody these idiosyncrasies found within the studio's output. A single, specific typeface would not be adequate, so our initial concept was to utilise two typefaces – using both classical serif and modernist sans-serif fonts, however we felt this was not distinctive enough.

The solution was to develop a logotype that synthesised these two typographic categories – the rounded characters were sans serif, and the more linear ones became serif. This rationale then became the basis for a full typographic character set, one that would underpin the studio’s unique approach to design across all communications.

The resulting typeface – DCSynthesis 74 embodies the modernity and classicism and also the craftsmanship that is inherent within the work of David Collins Studio.

Bibliothèque is an independent design studio based in London.