VOGUE Lounge

VOGUE Lounge

In Vogue

No single word instantly evokes the essence of timeless glamour as much as the word, VOGUE. Would it be as prominent a word in our universal lexicon without the magazine that wears the moniker? Magazines come and go, but VOGUE remains the byword, the default syllable, for intelligent elegance and the-ultra contemporary aesthetic. No other magazine has entered the absolute-conscious of the world.

David Collins Studio composed a devastatingly chic, insouciant and stylish space at the top of the MahaNakhon Cube. With European grace, the lounge stares across Bangkok upon the city’s exotic otherworldliness.

As a subtle comment on the visual allure of the magazine it is, unapologetically, a place to be seen by people pretending not to look.

It, like the Condé Nast cultural icon, is a precise definition of exquisite style and sublime sophistication.

Diana Vreeland famously declared, “I loathe narcissism, but I approve of vanity.” I like to think that she would have had a favourite table at VOGUE Lounge.