The Interior Design Industry

The Interior Design Industry

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I love the emotions created through good design, the way it attracts different people. To this day, this element of design still fascinates me.

One of my biggest inspirations is being part of a Studio with so many creative masterminds; they are my inspiration everyday. We're very inclusive as a company; we thrive on sharing ideas and use the office like a giant scrapbook of information.

Our work is of course ordered and precise but our process is rough work until that solid idea comes forward from the creative 'mess'. We work in a business of reinvention. Everything we do is different according to the needs of the client; I say to our designers, with any project, no matter what it is, demonstrate the strength of the vision, don't simply recite the concept, tell us where the idea comes from. Is it good enough,powerful enough to exist in the real world?

Interior design is going through a hugely important time right now. I wish that the industry, the leaders and the creative heads, would become more connected. We're in need of an organisation where you can get together and share stories. The more time we share together, the stronger we become against the trap of becoming a commodity.

As a designer, you do not want to be selected because you're the cheapest option. One of the difficulties is that often clients think that due to tech, the job is as easy as just pressing a button, but there is still a process. Tech cannot replace creativity.

Having said this, there are still people looking to invest in good design. I would love to see us, as an industry, take time and spend it together working through how we can best innovate and create. Looking outward on the design industry, I don't think that people are pushing the envelope enough. There has been much emphasis on restaurant and bar designs and a huge surge in popularity of these spaces, whether they are individualistic or not, but I believe that we should be looking towards new sectors, that perhaps we don't even know exist yet. Face Gym is a brilliant example. A hybrid of retail and experience, Face Gym demonstrates how a relative unknown can explode on the international circuit.

I also hope to see workspaces designed in new and creative ways. Being thoughtful is crucial to this process. Hotels as well; we need more cleverly designed hotels, like PUBLIC in NYC. They have taken relatively small, techy rooms and maximised on space for a very comfortable stay. It is clever and thoughtful, with the guest experience at the heart. I think, as real estate becomes more challenging, pocket-living will boom too. I personally love to do show apartments, it's such a brilliant opportunity to wow people and to excite clients. In terms of our industry as a business, it is all about diversification; stay aware, don't lose touch of client needs and keep individuality at the heart of it all.

This essay originally appeared as the foreword to the Interior Design Yearbook 2021.